Summer 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 0 Comments

This summer involved lot of time in the sun and water. Just like every good summer should.

Time on the beach, kayaking, water parks and more. So many cherished memories were made. Thats what living is all about.

Heres a little look into my summer adventures with a whole lot of selfies lol.


Im pretty belessed to have my niece and nephew, Hadlie and Hagen nearly every week durring the summer. We mostly spent that time at a local water park. A few times we lucked out and friends came with us.


Durring June we spent a week in Fort Bragg, CA with some of my family. I love our traditional Fort Bragg Trip.

Luckily MacKerricher State Park has a sand wheelchair that they always let me use. Its a chore pushing me up the hill but its so nice to be on the beach.

My dad and I snuck off and went kayaking on Noyo River and through the harbor. It was amazing. I cant wait to bring my personal kayak next summer and do it again.


I spent some much needed time with my best friends while Rylee was down from Washington. We went to our favorite swimming hole in the mountains. We spent many hours up there as teenagers.


I said good bye to my family's ranch and finished getting everything from the barns. Im pretty lucky to have such amazing people in my life who sweated their butts off for me in worked in hot barns to get the barnwood that my Papa gave to me years ago.


I celebrated my birthday with some of my favorite people.

Kari even made me a piniata!


Had fun with little miss Cailynn at the Tehama County Fair in July. Its always a great time seeing old friends and support the 4-H and FFA.


I sent my power chair, The Hot Mess Express to a new home.


All through high school my Aunt Terri would take me to a country music festival in Oregon.

For my birthday she got tickets for me abd my.friend Diondra. We had a great time... but veing in.the hot 100 degree sun for 4 days did kick my butt. I was on the couch recovering for over a week. But it was so woth it.

Aunt Terri and I

Diondra, my cousin Courtney and I

Aunt Sherry, myself and Diondra

My sign for Luke Bryan. It also helped light up my wheelchair so I didnt get ran over in the crowed of 30,000 people.

My sign for Lee Brice. Aunt Terri is awesome and got it signed from Lee Brice and his entire band. 


I celebrated the arrivle of the daughter of my good friend. Im blessed to be this little one's Auntie Nene.


Bryan and I ended the summer with a quick trip to South Lake Tahoe. We got to check Ziplining off of my bucket list.

What an amazing experience! Im pretty lucky to have an awesome husband to do all these crazy things with me.



Heres to a healthy and adventurous fall 🍂🍃

Fun in the sun

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 0 Comments

As summer arrives it brings lots of adventures. I can't wait to see what the summer holds.

I'm so grateful to be without a wheelchair. A wheelchair is certainly not the worse thing in the world, but let me tell you. Swamp ass sucks lol. Nobody likes a sweety butt.

I've been looking back at pictures from only a year ago and it's awesome to see the improvements and truly how far I have came. I'm glad that we have took pictures from the beginning. It's hard to look at many of them... but it's also helped.

The past 6 months have been crazy and stressful. But I have done so much healing. Physically and mentally. I've spent a lot of time at our families ranch and my walking and endurance improved so very much. I'm down to only using one walking stick and that's just when I remember it. If I'm in a large store and they have power carts I will use them. But that the extent of using chairs.

Every week I plan on taking my niece and nephew to a water park.

I made it to the top twice!

I also had plans to go kayaking weekly. Unfortunately our local lake has toxic algea so we will see what happens. I had so much fun last week. I'm hooked!

I'm looking forward to a week at the beach in late June. I can work on walking on the sand. It's nice to know that there is a sand wheelchair that I can use.

Have a fun and safe summer everyone!

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